TH‐C‐342‐04: An Update On Computer‐Aided Diagnosis (CAD): What's Next?

  title={TH‐C‐342‐04: An Update On Computer‐Aided Diagnosis (CAD): What's Next?},
  author={Yulei Jiang},
  journal={Medical Physics},
  • Yulei Jiang
  • Published 1 June 2008
  • Medicine
  • Medical Physics
Computer‐aided diagnosis(CAD) has been developed over the last few decades as a tool to improve diagnostic performance. Computer‐aided detection (CADe) promises to help radiologists detect some of the subtle cancers that radiologists tend to miss. After CADe systems are introduced into clinical practice, many clinical studies have been conducted to assess the clinical effect of CADe. Like laboratory observer studies, many of these clinical studies show that CADe helps radiologists detect more…