TGSM: Towards trustworthy group-based service management for social IoT

  title={TGSM: Towards trustworthy group-based service management for social IoT},
  author={Bahareh Farahbakhsh and Ali Fanian and Mohammad Hossein Manshaei},
  journal={Internet Things},
A Multi-tiered Social IoT Architecture for Scalable and Trusted Service Provisioning
This work presents a novel multi-tiered and fog-based Social Internet of Things architecture that addresses the trustworthiness of service providers and monitors the re-source availability exposed by social objects, thus simplifying the forwarding of service requests to trusted and unloaded nodes.


A subjective model for trustworthiness evaluation in the social Internet of Things
A subjective model for the management of trustworthiness which builds upon the solutions proposed for P2P networks is defined and preliminary simulations show the benefits of the proposed model towards the isolation of almost any malicious node in the network.
Trustworthiness Management in the Social Internet of Things
This work defines two models for trustworthiness management starting from the solutions proposed for P2P and social networks and shows how the proposed models can effectively isolate almost any malicious nodes in the network at the expenses of an increase in thenetwork traffic for feedback exchange.
Trust-Based Service Management for Social Internet of Things Systems
This work proposes and analyzes the design notion of adaptive trust management for social IoT systems in which social relationships evolve dynamically among the owners of IoT devices, and proposes a table-lookup method to apply the analysis results dynamically.
Guarantor and reputation based trust model for Social Internet of Things
By simulating this model using an architecture based on real world scenarios, it was concluded that the trust model can be employed in different scenarios in SIoT and the use of penalties for malicious activity enables the model to detect and isolate malicious nodes.
A scheme of access service recommendation for the Social Internet of Things
A scheme of access service recommendation for the SIoT is presented with the understanding of inherent constraints and factors that influence the security and stability of IoT networks with the benefits of promoting service discovery and composition and social relationships among things are introduced.
TRM-SIoT: A scalable hybrid trust & reputation model for the social Internet of Things
The design and implementation of a highly scalable Trust and Reputation Model for the Internet of Things based on the social approach that the COSMOS project introduces, with low computational overhead and high scalability is focused on.
Trust Management in Social Internet of Things: A Survey
Basic concepts, properties and models proposed for the trust management in SIOT environments are exposed and discussed and unsolved issues and future research trends are discussed.
Friendship Selection in the Social Internet of Things: Challenges and Possible Strategies
This work proposed five heuristics, which are based on local network properties and that are expected to have an impact on the overall network structure, and discovered that minimizing the local clustering in the network allowed for achieving the best results in terms of average path length.
Implementation of an Experimental Platform for the Social Internet of Things
  • Roberto GirauM. NittiL. Atzori
  • Computer Science
    2013 Seventh International Conference on Innovative Mobile and Internet Services in Ubiquitous Computing
  • 2013
This paper presents the implementation of a SIoT platform, and presents the major functionalities of the proposed system: how to register a new social object to the platform, how the system manages the creation of new relationships, and how the devices create groups of members with similar characteristics.