TGF-beta1 as a marker of delayed fracture healing.

  title={TGF-beta1 as a marker of delayed fracture healing.},
  author={Gudrun Zimmermann and Philipp Henle and M K{\"u}sswetter and Abdolvahab Moghaddam and Andreas Wentzensen and Willi Richter and Sagit Weiss},
  volume={36 5},
Mitogens of the TGF-beta superfamily have been shown to be crucial local and systemic regulatory molecules involved in fracture healing. However, there exists only little information about systemic regulation of bone regeneration by growth factors and no reports comparing serum levels of bone growth factors between normal and failed fracture healing have been published so far. We hypothesized that quality of fracture healing might be reflected by systemic alterations of key regulatory growth… CONTINUE READING
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