TGF-β Signaling in Bone Remodeling and Osteosarcoma Progression

  title={TGF-β Signaling in Bone Remodeling and Osteosarcoma Progression},
  author={Audrey Lamora and Julie R Talbot and Mathilde Mullard and Benedicte Brounais-Le Royer and Françoise R{\'e}din{\'i} and Franck Verrecchia},
  booktitle={Journal of clinical medicine},
Osteosarcomas are the most prevalent malignant primary bone tumors in children. Despite intensive efforts to improve both chemotherapeutics and surgical management, 40% of all osteosarcoma patients succumb to the disease. Specifically, the clinical outcome for metastatic osteosarcoma remains poor; less than 30% of patients who present metastases will survive five years after initial diagnosis. Treating metastatic osteosarcoma thus remains a challenge. One of the main characteristics of… CONTINUE READING