TESS Discovery of an Ultra-short-period Planet around the Nearby M Dwarf LHS 3844

  title={TESS Discovery of an Ultra-short-period Planet around the Nearby M Dwarf LHS 3844},
  author={R. Vanderspek and C. Huang and A. Vanderburg and G. Ricker and D. Latham and S. Seager and J. Winn and J. Jenkins and J. Burt and J. Dittmann and E. Newton and S. Quinn and A. Shporer and D. Charbonneau and J. Irwin and K. Ment and J. Winters and K. Collins and P. Evans and T. Gan and R. Hart and E. Jensen and J. Kielkopf and S. Mao and W. Waalkes and F. Bouchy and M. Marmier and L. Nielsen and G. Ottoni and F. Pepe and D. S'egransan and S. Udry and T. Henry and L. Paredes and H. James and Rodrigo H. Hinojosa and M. Silverstein and E. Pall{\'e} and Z. Berta-Thompson and M. Davies and M. Fausnaugh and A. Glidden and J. Pepper and E. Morgan and M. Rose and J. Twicken and J. Villasenor and the Tess team},
  journal={The Astrophysical Journal},
  • R. Vanderspek, C. Huang, +45 authors the Tess team
  • Published 2018
  • Physics
  • The Astrophysical Journal
  • Data from the newly commissioned Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite has revealed a "hot Earth" around LHS 3844, an M dwarf located 15 pc away. The planet has a radius of 1.303 ± 0.022 R⊕ and orbits the star every 11 hr. Although the existence of an atmosphere around such a strongly irradiated planet is questionable, the star is bright enough (I = 11.9, K = 9.1) for this possibility to be investigated with transit and occultation spectroscopy. The star's brightness and the planet's short… CONTINUE READING
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