TERF2-XPF: caught in the middle; beginnings from the end.

  title={TERF2-XPF: caught in the middle; beginnings from the end.},
  author={Lisa D. McDaniel and Roger A. Schultz and Errol C. Friedberg},
  journal={DNA repair},
  volume={5 7},
Two recent articles suggest new roles for the TERF2-XPF complex (a.k.a. TRF2-XPF) in the recognition/repair of DNA damage at non-telomeric chromosomal locations (i.e. "Caught in the Middle"). These new roles for proteins typically ascribed functions at the ends of chromosomes are proposed to be very early events of DNA damage response (i.e. Beginnings from the End). Our previous understanding of a role for the TERF2-XPF complex in the maintenance of chromosome stability included the… CONTINUE READING


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