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This reaffirmation of teachers has been a leading factor in the development of recent strategies for school improvement The reports by the Carnegie Task Force and the Holmes Group are two prominent examples of proposals aimed specifically at problems within the teaching profession. These reports are significant in that they have helped place teaching squarely at the center of current educational policy and debate. The focus of this article-teacher isolation-has remained largely in the shadows… 

One Classroom at a Time? Teacher Isolation and Community Viewed through the Prism of the Particular

  • Alex Pomson
  • Education
    Teachers College Record: The Voice of Scholarship in Education
  • 2005
In recent years a research literature has developed which increasingly problematizes the project to construct professional community in schools. This case-based literature explores the messy

From Teacher Isolation to Teacher Collaboration: Theoretical Perspectives and Empirical Findings.

This study aims at: (1) reviewing the underlying causes of teacher isolation; (2) unreavelling the negative effects of isolation on teachers’ professional and personal life; (2) illustrating

Control and professional development: are teachers being deskilled or reskilled within the context of decentralization?

Many researchers have identified a process they call ‘deskilling’, which they use to describe the daily experience of teachers who have been gradually losing control of their own labour within

Perceptions on teaching profession and changing role of school teachers: an investigation from eight schools in dubai and sharjah

The study finds that teachers notice a big shift about how they are valued and privatisation is key for the shift in the way teachers are valued.

Achieving Research-Informed Practice Amongst Teachers in Madrid and Catalonia: Findings From a Quantitative Analysis

  • Georgeta Ion
  • International Journal of Education Policy and Leadership
  • 2022
Background: In Spain, as in many other countries, educational administrators are calling for schools and teachers to engage with research-informed teaching (RIT) to improve the quality of teaching

Cultivating Individuality and Equality in Education: Ideas on Respecting Dimensions of Diversity within the Classroom

 Abstract — This systematic literature review sought to explore the dimensions of diversity that can affect classroom learning. This review is significant as it can aid educators in reaching more of

Silhouettes of Development: A Tool for Understanding the Needs and Growth of Science Teachers

ABSTRACT Although much research has examined the professional development (PD) of science teachers, questions remain about what aspects of PD contribute to teacher change. It is important to continue

A Preliminary Assessment of the Change Recipients' Perceptions of the "4+4+4 Reform Initiative": Has Anything Changed?

The purpose of the present study was to assess change recipients' perceptions of 4+4+4 reform initiative put in effect in Turkish education system and to explore if anything has changed within the

Teacher Relationships in an Australian High School Staffroom: Reconceptualising the significance of teacher relationships during non-contact time in a high school staffroom

This study concerns teacher relationships in a high school staffroom in suburban Australia. It emphasises the emotional dimensions of collegiality as expressed and experienced by a professional staff

Teachers’ perceptions of effective school-wide programs and strategies for English language learners

Abstract Data suggest that teachers lack confidence in teaching English language learners (ELLs). Teachers’ perceived shortcomings have been identified but little is known about why these perceptions