TBA and DBA Magnet Lattices for Tau-Charm Factory


Magnet lattice designs of tau-charm collider, based on use of TBA and DBA cells in arcs are consideredr. To fulfil requirements of tau-charm physics each lattice provides two modes of collider operation. One uses conventional scheme at interaction point and needs in high emittance. Other provides monochromatization at interaction point and requires small emittance. It is shown that both TBA and DBA lattices allow to have emittance in wide range from 10 nm up to 400 nm. Careful choice of arc cell tunes, as well as arc design was made to make chromaticity correction easier. Details of chromaticity correction for both TBA and DBA lattices for high and low emittance mode are considered. As a result, comparison of collider parameters with TBA and DBA lattices is performed.

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