TB or not TB--air travel and tuberculosis.


Travel is increasingly implicated in the transmission of infectious disease and as travel continues to increase, with 924 million international tourist arrivals recorded in 2008 (decreasing as expected by 4% 880 million in 2009) there are several pertinent travel health issues which require consideration to protect the travelling public, those who work in the travel industry and the public health implications that may ensue with the importation of infectious diseases. Travel by air is one of the most common forms of transport which enables the ease of travel across continents. Aeroplanes are increasing in size in order to accommodate more passengers and they are able to dispatch travellers to their chosen destination even more quickly before and within the incubation period of many infectious diseases in particular, those which are respiratory in nature. One only has to recall the impact of avian influenza and of course, H1N1 pandemic influenza on public health worldwide to understand the importance and indeed requirement for guidelines on prevention of infectious disease associated with travel. The speciality of travel medicine has grown from and considerably since the historical days of the Quarantine and International Health Regulations and it is now recognised as an essential partner in the prevention of travel-related disease alongside the International Health Regulations (WHO). History records the conventional methods applied to prevent the international spread of infectious disease such as cholera in the 19th century, which included establishing border controls to prevent people (or travellers) as well as the transport of merchandise from crossing borders. The International Health Regulations (IHR) under the auspices of the World

DOI: 10.1016/j.tmaid.2010.04.001

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