TAXI type endoxylanase inhibitors in different cereals.

  title={TAXI type endoxylanase inhibitors in different cereals.},
  author={Hans Goesaert and Kurt Gebruers and Kristof Brijs and Christophe M Courtin and Jan A Delcour},
  journal={Journal of agricultural and food chemistry},
  volume={51 13},
An affinity-based purification procedure with the immobilized family 11 Bacillus subtilis endoxylanase XynA allowed us to obtain high yields of highly pure endoxylanase inhibitor fractions from rye, barley, and durum wheat. In contrast, no inhibitors interacting with the B. subtilis endoxylanase affinity column are present in corn, buckwheat, rice, and oats. Sodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis analysis and inhibitor specificity showed that the isolated inhibitors belonged… CONTINUE READING
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