T2 muscle-invasive bladder cancer.


At times we encounter clinical problems for which there are no directly applicable evidence-based solutions, but we are compelled by circumstances to act. When doing so we rely on related evidence, general principles of best medical practice, and our experience. Each “Current Clinical Practice” feature article in Seminars in Oncology describes such a challenging presentation and offers treatment approaches from selected specialists. We invite readersʼ comments and questions, which, with your approval, will be published in subsequent issues of the Journal. It is hoped that sharing our views and experiences will better inform our management decisions when we next encounter similar challenging patients. Please send your comments on the articles, your challenging cases, and your treatment successes to me at mdr.gjmorris@gmail.coma. I look forward to a lively discussion. Gloria J. Morris, MD, PhD Current Clinical Practice Feature Editor

DOI: 10.1053/j.seminoncol.2014.03.005

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@article{Tsao2014T2MB, title={T2 muscle-invasive bladder cancer.}, author={Che-kai Tsao and Alexander C. Small and Simon J. Hall and William Oh and Matthew David Galsky and Michael H Buckstein and Richard G. Stock and Golshayan Ali and Gloria J Morris}, journal={Seminars in oncology}, year={2014}, volume={41 2}, pages={e11-8} }