T. Duckett Jones and his association with Paul Dudley White

  title={T. Duckett Jones and his association with Paul Dudley White},
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Why Did the Original Jones Criteria Not Emphasize Streptococcal Infection?
  • S. Shulman
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New information concerning the fraught Jones-Coburn personal relationship very likely explains Jones’ unwillingness to accept Coburn's 1931 discovery of the crucial streptococcal link. Expand
Oncogenomic analysis identifies novel biomarkers for tumor stage mycosis fungoides
In addition to the reported genes (IL17F, PLCG1, IFNG, and PTH), the other high instable genes may serve as novel biomarkers for the regulation of the biological processes and molecular mechanisms of CTLT (MF/SS). Expand
Hostage to History: The Duration of Antimicrobial Treatment for Acute Streptococcal Pharyngitis.
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An investigation was conducted of journal publications and textbooks from the dawn of the antimicrobial era to the present in order to discover the basis for this settled practice of 10 days of oral antimicrobial treatment. Expand
Dr. Benedict Massell
Die Jugendrevolte zu Beginn der 80er Jahre — Eine Einführung
Die Entwicklung problematischer Lebenslagen fur Jugendliche und Heranwachsende verlief zu Beginn der 80er Jahre in ungebrochener, teilweise noch gesteigerter Kontinuitat, denn die sich abzeichnendeExpand


Rheumatic Fever and Rheumatic Heart Disease: A Twenty Year Report on 1000 Patients Followed Since Childhood
The benign nature of uncomplicated chorea is stressed, the disappearance of physical signs of heart disease in some patients is contrasted with the delayed and even remote appearance of valvular deformity in others, and the favorable course to date in the majority of cases is emphasized. Expand
Orally administered penicillin in patients with rheumatic fever.
This study was partially successful in that of a total of 20 cases, hemolytic streptococci were eliminated permanently from the throat cultures in 17, and only one of the three strains which could not be completely eradicated belonged to serologic group A. Expand
Interest in rheumatic fever probably accounts for the major increase in interest, along with acceptance by an increasing number of physicians of the public health or community aspects of the disease. Expand