T staging of gastric cancer: role of multi-detector row CT.

  title={T staging of gastric cancer: role of multi-detector row CT.},
  author={S. Kumano and Takamichi Murakami and Tonsok Kim and Masatoshi Hori and Riccardo Iannaccone and Saki Nakata and Hiromitsu Onishi and Keigo Osuga and Kaname Tomoda and Carlo Catalano and Hironobu Nakamura},
  volume={237 3},
PURPOSE To evaluate retrospectively the accuracy of multi-detector row computed tomography (CT) in the assessment of serosal invasion in patients with gastric cancer. MATERIALS AND METHODS The Ethics Committee does not require approval or informed consent for retrospective studies. Forty-one consecutive patients (24 men, 17 women; mean age, 68 years) with gastric cancer were included in this study. All patients were given 600 mL of tap water to drink and were positioned prone or supine on the… CONTINUE READING

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