T regulatory cells distinguish two types of primary hypophysitis.

  title={T regulatory cells distinguish two types of primary hypophysitis.},
  author={Sarah Mirocha and Raya B. Elagin and Shahriar M. Salamat and Juan Carlos Jaume},
  journal={Clinical and experimental immunology},
  volume={155 3},
Numerous cases of primary hypophysitis have been described over the past 25 years with, however, little insight into the cause(s) of this disease. In order to guide treatment, a better understanding of the pathogenesis is needed. We studied the pathogenesis of primary hypophysitis by analysing systematically the immune response at the pituitary tissue level of consecutive cases of 'lymphocytic' hypophysitis who underwent pituitary biopsy. In order to investigate further the pathogenesis of… CONTINUE READING

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