T-lymphocyte subsets (CD4/CD8 ratio) in breast cancer patients.

  title={T-lymphocyte subsets (CD4/CD8 ratio) in breast cancer patients.},
  author={Ludmila Sevcikova and Luba Hunakova and Branko Chorvath and Marie Turzov{\'a} and Elena Bolje{\vs}{\'i}kov{\'a}},
  volume={39 4},
T-lymphocyte subsets (CD4/CD8 antigen positive cells) were determined in peripheral lymphocytes from 48 patients with breast cancer of different stages by flow immunocytometry with the aid of anti-CD4 and CD8 monoclonal antibodies. A broad individual variability of the CD4/CD8 ratio among both healthy donors and breast cancer patients was observed. The average value of CD4/CD8 ratio decreased in groups as follows: Healthy donors and Stage I patients, Stage IIA, IIB and Stage IV breast cancer… CONTINUE READING