T-helper 1 cells elicited by H5N1 vaccination predict seroprotection.

  title={T-helper 1 cells elicited by H5N1 vaccination predict seroprotection.},
  author={Gabriel Kristian Pedersen and A S Madhun and Lucy Breakwell and Katja Hoschler and Haakon Sjursen and Rishi Delan Pathirana and Jaap Goudsmit and Rebecca Jane Cox},
  journal={The Journal of infectious diseases},
  volume={206 2},
BACKGROUND Vaccination is the best measure to protect the population against a potential influenza H5N1 pandemic, but 2 doses of vaccine are needed to elicit protective immune responses. An immunological marker for H5N1 vaccine effectiveness is needed for early identification of the best vaccine candidate. METHODS We conducted a phase I clinical trial of a virosomal H5N1 vaccine adjuvanted with Matrix M. Sixty adult volunteers were vaccinated intramuscularly with 2 doses of either 30 μg… CONTINUE READING
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