T-duality constraints on higher derivatives revisited

  title={T-duality constraints on higher derivatives revisited},
  author={Olaf Hohm and Barton Zwiebach},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
A bstractWe ask to what extent are the higher-derivative corrections of string theory constrained by T-duality. The seminal early work by Meissner tests T-duality by reduction to one dimension using a distinguished choice of field variables in which the bosonic string action takes a Gauss-Bonnet-type form. By analyzing all field redefinitions that may or may not be duality covariant and may or may not be gauge covariant we extend the procedure to test T-duality starting from an action expressed… 

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A bstractWe analyze the spectrum of the exactly duality and gauge invariant higher-derivative double field theory. While this theory is based on a chiral CFT and does not correspond to a standard

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We dimensionally reduce the spacetime action of bosonic string theory, and that of the bosonic sector of heterotic string theory after truncating the Yang-Mills gauge fields, on a $d$-dimensional

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We examine the structure of higher-derivative string corrections under a cosmological reduction and make connection to generalized geometry and T-duality. We observe that, while the curvature

T-duality and high-derivative gravity theories: the BTZ black hole/string paradigm

A bstractWe show that the temperature and entropy of a BTZ black hole are invariant under T-duality to next to leading order in M⋆− 2, M⋆ being the scale suppressing higher-curvature/derivative terms

Second order higher-derivative corrections in Double Field Theory

A bstractHSZ Double Field Theory is a higher-derivative theory of gravity with exact and manifest T-duality symmetry. The first order corrections in the massless sector were shown to be governed

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We examine the proposal that the dimensional reduction of the effective action of perturbative string theory on a circle, should be invariant under T-duality transformations. The T-duality

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In this thesis we study several aspects of Double Field Theory (DFT). In general, Double Field Theory is subject to the so-called strong constraint. By using the Flux Formulation of DFT, we explore

T-duality equivalences beyond string theory

A bstractWe examine a two parameter family of gravitational actions which contains higher-derivative terms. These are such that the entire action is invariant under corrected T-duality rules, which

Green-Schwarz Mechanism for String Dualities.

This work determines the complete spacetime action to first order in α^{'} for the massless fields of bosonic string theory compactified on a d-dimensional torus and shows that this action must have a global O(d,d,R) symmetry.

Aspects of double geometry and supersymmetric gauge theories

This thesis explores aspects of gravity and quantum field theory (QFT). The first part is devoted to the interplay between manifest T-duality symmetry and higher-derivative corrections to the



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A bstractWe construct an O(d, d) invariant universal formulation of the first-order α′-corrections of the string effective actions involving the dilaton, metric and two-form fields. Two free

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A bstractWe investigate α′ corrections of bosonic strings in the framework of double field theory. The previously introduced “doubled α′-geometry” gives α′-deformed gauge transformations arising in

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We relate the unconstrained ‘double metric’ of the ‘α ′ -geometry’ formulation of double field theory to the constrained generalized metric encoding the spacetime metric and b-field. This is achieved

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A bstractWe develop doubled-coordinate field theory to determine the α′ corrections to the massless sector of oriented bosonic closed string theory. Our key tool is a string current algebra of free

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A bstractThe dimensional reduction of heterotic supergravity with gauge fields truncated to the Cartan subalgebra exhibits a continuous O(d, d + 16; ℝ) global symmetry, related to the O(d, d + 16; ℤ)

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Duality completion of higher derivative corrections

A bstractWe present a new method for completing higher derivative corrections for theories that exhibit duality symmetries under reduction. This proposal is based on the observation that duality

Manifest Duality in Low-Energy Superstrings

String theories inspire a new formalism for their low-energy limits. In this approach to these field theories, spacetime duality and stringy left/right handedness are manifest. Enlarged tangent-space

Green-Schwarz mechanism and α′-deformed Courant brackets

A bstractWe establish that the unusual two-form gauge transformations needed in the Green-Schwarz anomaly cancellation mechanism fit naturally into an α′-deformed generalized geometry. The algebra of