T cells in cardiac myosin-induced myocarditis.

  title={T cells in cardiac myosin-induced myocarditis.},
  author={Nikolaus Neu and C L Pummerer and Theresa Rieker and Philipp Berger},
  journal={Clinical immunology and immunopathology},
  volume={68 2},
Autoimmune myocarditis induced by immunization with cardiac myosin can be seen as a virus-free system to analyze the immunopathological mechanisms of certain forms of postinfectious heart disease. Immunodepletion studies have shown that in A.SW mice myosin-induced myocarditis is mediated by both CD4+ and CD8+ cells. The CD4+ subset is at least required for the induction of the autoimmune response, whereas the CD8+ subset seems to play a key role in mediating the myocardial injury. In addition… CONTINUE READING


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