T cells and their eons-old obsession with MHC.

  title={T cells and their eons-old obsession with MHC.},
  author={Lei Yin and James P. Scott-Browne and John W. Kappler and Laurent Gapin and Philippa Marrack},
  journal={Immunological reviews},
  volume={250 1},
T cells bearing receptors made up of α and β chains (TCRs) usually react with peptides bound to major histocompatibility complex proteins (MHC). This bias could be imposed by positive selection, the phenomenon that selects thymocytes to mature into T cells only if the TCRs they bear react with low but appreciable affinity with MHC + peptide combinations in the thymus cortex. However, it is also possible that the polypeptides of TCRs themselves do not have random specificities but rather are… CONTINUE READING

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