T-cell mediated induction of allogeneic endothelial cell chemokine expression.

  title={T-cell mediated induction of allogeneic endothelial cell chemokine expression.},
  author={Hirohito Kobayashi and Shoji Koga and Andrew C. Novick and Hiroshi Toma and R. L. Heckaman Mark D. Fairchild},
  volume={75 4},
BACKGROUND The goal of the current study was to test the ability of T cells to stimulate allogeneic endothelial cells to express chemokines, particularly the T-cell recruiting factors monokine induced by interferon-gamma (Mig) and inducible protein (IP)-10. METHODS Lymph node cells from C57BL/6 (H-2b) recipients of C3H (H-2k) skin grafts or from naïve mice were added to monolayers of C3H-derived endothelial cell line 2F-2B. After 5 or 24 hr, the lymph node cells were removed, and RNA was… CONTINUE READING


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