T-cell and chemokine receptor variation in south Amerindian populations.

  title={T-cell and chemokine receptor variation in south Amerindian populations.},
  author={T{\'a}bita H{\"u}nemeier and Andrei Gibbon Neves and Igor Nornberg and Kim Hill and Ana Magdalena Hurtado and Francisco Ra{\'u}l Carnese and Alicia S. Goicoechea and Mara H Hutz and Francisco M Salzano and Jos{\'e} Artur Bogo Chies},
  journal={American journal of human biology : the official journal of the Human Biology Council},
  volume={17 4},
The immune response of relatively small, endogamous populations is of special interest, because they may differ from those of large, ethnically diverse, urban groups. As a contribution to this area of investigation, we tested 99 individuals from two Brazilian native populations for two T-cell receptor gene segments (TCRBV3S1 and TCRBV18) and 241 subjects from eight tribes of this ethnic group in relation to the chemokine receptor CCR5delta32 allele. Differences in TCRBV3S1 and TCRBV18… CONTINUE READING

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