T-Transmuted X Family of Distributions

  title={T-Transmuted X Family of Distributions},
  author={Girish Babu Moolath and K. Jayakumar},
Using the quadratic transmutation map (QRTM) approach of Shaw and Buckley (2007) and the T - X family method by Alzaatreh et al. (2013b), we have developed a new family of distributions called T -transmuted X family of distributions. Many of the existing family of distributions are sub models of this family. As a special case, exponential transmuted exponential (ETE) distribution is studied in detail. The application and flexibility of this new distribution is illustrated using two real data… 
Further Developments on the T-Transmuted X Family of Distributions
  • C. Ampadu
  • Mathematics
    Biostatistics and Biometrics Open Access Journal
  • 2018
This family of distributions is a generalization of the betagenerated family of distributions first proposed by Eugene et al. [5]. In particular, let ( ) r t be the PDF of the random variable [ ] , ,
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The rT − X Family of Distributions induced by V: A New Method for Generating Continuous Distributions with Illustration to Cancer Patients Data
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  • Computer Science
    Annals of Biostatistics & Biometric Applications
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A new technique to generate continuous distributions which is partially inspired by [1] and [2] is introduced.
Maximum Likelihood Estimation in an Alpha-Power
  • C. Ampadu
  • Mathematics
    Annals of Biostatistics & Biometric Applications
  • 2019
The rest of this paper is organized as follows. In Section 2 we introduce and illustrate the new family. In Section 3 we derive the quantile function of the APTA-F family of distributions. In Section
An Alternate to the Unified Distribution with Application to Breast Cancer Data
  • Clementz Ba
  • Mathematics
    Open Access Journal of Biomedical Science
  • 2019
The Unified (θ) distribution appeared in [1], and in this short note we introduce a variant of this distribution. Further, a member of this family is shown to be significant in cancer modeling.


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