T‐Shaped (Donor–π–)2Acceptor–π–Donor Push–Pull Systems Based on Indan‐1,3‐dione

  title={T‐Shaped (Donor–π–)2Acceptor–π–Donor Push–Pull Systems Based on Indan‐1,3‐dione},
  author={Parmeshwar Bapurao Solanke and Filip Bure{\vs} and Oldřich Pytela and Milan Klikar and Tom{\'a}{\vs} Mikysek and Loic Mager and Alberto Barsella and Zděnka Rů{\vz}i{\vc}kov{\'a}},
Sixteen model (donor–π–)2acceptor–π–donor [(D–π–)2A–π–D] molecules with an extraordinary T-shaped arrangement were designed and synthesized. Indan-1,3-dione was employed as a central acceptor with electron donors linked at the C-2, C-4, and C-7 positions. These push–pull molecules represent a first systematic modification of an indan-1,3-dione-fused benzene ring. The structures and properties of all target molecules were investigated by X-ray analysis, electrochemistry, UV/Vis absorption… CONTINUE READING