Türkiye İçin Yeni Bir Epifitik Biryofit Birliği (Anomodontetum attenuati)

  title={T{\"u}rkiye İçin Yeni Bir Epifitik Biryofit Birliği (Anomodontetum attenuati)},
  author={R. Kara and Tulay Ezer and Atabay D{\"u}zenli},
The epiphytic Anomodontetum attenuati association have been first identified from beech forests (Fagus orientalis) in Europe (Romania). With this study, the same association is newly reported for Turkey from hornbeam (Carpinus orientalis) forests in Amanos (Nur) Mountains. In addition to the syntaxonomic, floristic and ecological descriptions o f this association, a life form and life strategy analysis has been carried out. Finally, phytosociolological analysis show clearly that the assocation… Expand
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