Szegö quadrature formulas for certain Jacobi-type weight functions

  title={Szeg{\"o} quadrature formulas for certain Jacobi-type weight functions},
  author={Leyla Daruis and Pablo Gonz{\'a}lez-Vera and Olav Nj{\aa}stad},
  journal={Math. Comput.},
In this paper we are concerned with the estimation of integrals on the unit circle of the form ∫02π f(eiθ)ω(θ)dθ by means of the so-called Szego quadrature formulas, i.e., formulas of the type Σj=1n λjf(xj) with distinct nodes on the unit circle, exactly integrating Laurent polynomials in subspaces of dimension as high as possible. When considering certain weight functions ω(θ) related to the Jacobi functions for the interval [-1, 1], nodes {xj}j=1n and weights {λj}j=1n in Szego quadrature… 

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