Systemin Regulates Both Systemic and Volatile Signaling in Tomato Plants

  title={Systemin Regulates Both Systemic and Volatile Signaling in Tomato Plants},
  author={Giandomenico Corrado and Raffaele Sasso and Marianna Pasquariello and Luigi Iodice and Alessandra Carretta and Pasquale Cascone and Luigi Ariati and Maria Cristina Digilio and Emilio Guerrieri and Rosa Rao},
  journal={Journal of Chemical Ecology},
The prevailing reaction of plants to pest attack is the activation of various defense mechanisms. In tomato, several studies indicate that an 18 amino acid (aa) peptide, called systemin, is a primary signal for the systemic induction of direct resistance against plant-chewing pests, and that the transgenic expression of the prosystemin gene (encoding the 200 aa systemin precursor) activates genes involved in the plant response to herbivores. By using a combination of behavioral, chemical, and… CONTINUE READING