Systemic sclerosis. Case report and review of literature.

  title={Systemic sclerosis. Case report and review of literature.},
  author={Saloua Dghoughi and Wafa{\^a} El Wady and Bouchra Taleb},
  journal={The New York state dental journal},
  volume={76 3},
Systemic sclerosis (SSc) is a heterogeneous rheumatic disease within the scleroderma spectrum of disorders. The systemic forms of scleroderma are most appropriately designated systemic sclerosis. Typical features of the disease include thickening of the skin (scleroderma) and damage to other organs, caused by excessive accumulation of collagen. SSc also affects oral and perioral tissues, the most common clinical manifestations being facial skin and tongue rigidity. The aim of this article is to… CONTINUE READING

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