Systemic Sarcoidosis Revealed by Axillary Electrolysis.


BACKGROUND Sarcoidosis is a noncaseating granulomatous disease that affects a large variety of organs and tissues. Skin sarcoidosis is commonly found in scar and tattooed tissues. OBJECTIVE To report this particular case of sarcoidosis following electrolysis hair removal. METHOD We report the case of a woman who developed sarcoidosis years after axillary electrolysis hair removal. RESULTS The diagnosis of cutaneous sarcoidosis was suggested by the clinical manifestations and confirmed by histopathologic findings. CONCLUSION Sarcoidosis should be considered during the investigation of skin lesions occurring in scar or traumatized tissue.

DOI: 10.1177/1203475415575016

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@article{Morand2015SystemicSR, title={Systemic Sarcoidosis Revealed by Axillary Electrolysis.}, author={Meggie Morand and Solange Beauregard and Steve Mathieu}, journal={Journal of cutaneous medicine and surgery}, year={2015}, volume={19 4}, pages={404-6} }