Systemic Racism as a Living Text: Implications of Uncle Tom’s Cabin as a Fictionalized Narrative of Present and Past Black Bodies

  title={Systemic Racism as a Living Text: Implications of Uncle Tom’s Cabin as a Fictionalized Narrative of Present and Past Black Bodies},
  author={Erin Jamieson},
  journal={Journal of African American Studies},
  • Erin Jamieson
  • Published 12 November 2018
  • Art
  • Journal of African American Studies
This paper will explore the concept of Stowe’s work as a living text—that is, as a work of literature which transcends the bounds of periodization and continues to influence other literary movements, and even popular culture to this day. Scholars, with a propensity for consolidation and categorization, assign works of literature to narrow cultural and historical movements. Still, much of the scholarship concerning Uncle Tom’s Cabin serves as a cautionary tale for such an approach. Too often… 
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