Systematics of the Neotropical species of Styringomyia Loew (Diptera: Tipulomorpha: Limoniidae)

  title={Systematics of the Neotropical species of Styringomyia Loew (Diptera: Tipulomorpha: Limoniidae)},
  author={Guilherme Cunha Ribeiro},
The Neotropical species of Styringomyia (Diptera: Limoniidae) are revised. S. americana Alexander, 1914 and S. dorsolineata Alexander, 1945 are considered nomina dubia . S. mystica Alexander, 1945, S. simplex Alexander, 1945 and S. paulista Alexander, 1946 are redescribed and illustrated in detail. Five new species, S. amazonica sp. n., S. atlantica sp. n., S. maya sp. n., S. manauara sp. n. and S. youngi sp. n. are described and illustrated. A cladistic analysis of the recognizable species ( S… 
Phylogeny of the Limnophilinae (Limoniidae) and early evolution of the Tipulomorpha (Diptera)
This study presents the most comprehensive cladistic analysis of the group ever made, with emphasis on the genera and subgenera of the subfamily Limnophilinae (Limoniidae), assumed to include some of the earliest lineages of Tipulomorpha sensu stricto and therefore important for the understanding of the early patterns in the evolution of the crane flies.
A catalogue of the Colombian crane flies (Tipulomorpha, families Tipulidae and Limoniidae) is provided, based on updated information from the Catalogue of the Crane flies of World, with additional
Styringomyia Loew, 1845 (Diptera, Limoniidae) of Ghana
ABSTRACT Two new species of Styringomyia Loew, 1845 (Diptera, Limoniidae) are described from Ghana. Their affinities to other African Styringomyia are discussed. Additionally 5 species are recorded
True flies (Insecta: Diptera) from the late Eocene insect limestone (Bembridge Marls) of the Isle of Wight, England, UK
The Diptera fauna from the late Eocene of the Isle of Wight is studied including redescriptions of formerly described material and new taxa are described.