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Systematics of $\alpha$--nucleus optical potentials

  title={Systematics of \$\alpha\$--nucleus optical potentials},
  author={Peter J. Mohr and Hartmut Abele and U. Atzrott and Glenn E. Staudt and Ronald Bieber and K. Grun and Heinz Oberhummer and Thomas Rauscher and E. Somorjai},
  journal={arXiv: Nuclear Theory},
Double--folded optical $\alpha$--nucleus potentials can be used to calculate elastic scattering cross sections in a wide mass-- and energy region. Because of the systematic behavior of the potential parameters we are able to obtain reliable optical potentials for astrophysically relevant reactions even without scattering data in low--energy region. As example we analyze the capture reaction ${^{144}{\rm Sm}}(\alpha,\gamma){^{148}{\Gd}}$.