Systematics, phylogeny and palaeobiogeography of the ankylosaurid dinosaurs

  title={Systematics, phylogeny and palaeobiogeography of the ankylosaurid dinosaurs},
  author={Victoria M Arbour and P. J. Currie},
  journal={Journal of Systematic Palaeontology},
  pages={385 - 444}
  • Victoria M Arbour, P. J. Currie
  • Published 2016
  • Journal of Systematic Palaeontology
  • The Ankylosauria is a group of herbivorous, quadrupedal, armoured dinosaurs subdivided into at least two major clades, the Ankylosauridae and the Nodosauridae. The most derived members of Ankylosauridae had a unique tail club formed from modified, tightly interlocking distal caudal vertebrae and enlarged osteoderms that envelop the terminus of the tail. We review all known ankylosaurid species, as well as ankylosaurs of uncertain affinities, in order to conduct a revised phylogenetic analysis… CONTINUE READING
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