Systematic reactions of [Pt(PF3)4].


Tetrahedral [Pt(PF(3))(4)] reacts with H(+) to form trigonal bipyramidal [Pt(PF(3))(4)H](+). This in turn looses PF(3) to form square-planar [Pt(PF(3))(3)H](+). The complex [Pt(PF(3))(4)] can be oxidized with AsF(5) to form the square-planar complex, [Pt(PF(3))(4)](2+), which can be more conveniently obtained from PtF(4) and PF(3) in HF/SbF(5) solution. [Pt… (More)
DOI: 10.1002/chem.200701786

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