Systematic distortions in magnetic position digitizers.

  title={Systematic distortions in magnetic position digitizers.},
  author={Wolfgang Birkfellner and Franz Watzinger and Felix Wanschitz and Georg Enislidis and Christian Kollmann and Dietmar Rafolt and Robert Nowotny and Rolf Ewers and Helmar Bergmann},
  journal={Medical physics},
  volume={25 11},
Medical devices equipped with position sensors enable applications like image guided surgical interventions, reconstruction of three-dimensional 3D ultrasound (US) images, and virtual or augmented reality systems. The acquisition of three-dimensional position data in real time is one of the key technologies in this field. The systematic distortions induced by various metals, surgical tools, and US scan probes in different commercial electromagnetic tracking systems were assessed in the… CONTINUE READING

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