Systematic analysis of human protein complexes identifies chromosome segregation proteins.

  title={Systematic analysis of human protein complexes identifies chromosome segregation proteins.},
  author={James R A Hutchins and Yusuke Toyoda and Bj{\"o}rn Hegemann and Ina Poser and Jean-Karim H{\'e}rich{\'e} and Martina M Sykora and Martina Augsburg and Otto Hudecz and Bettina A. Buschhorn and Jutta Bulkescher and Christian Conrad and David J Comartin and Alexander Schleiffer and Mihail Sarov and Andrei I. Pozniakovsky and Mikolaj Slabicki and Siegfried Schloissnig and Ines Steinmacher and Marit Leuschner and Andrea Ssykor and Steffen Lawo and Laurence Pelletier and Holger Stark and Kim Nasmyth and Jan Ellenberg and Richard Durbin and Frank Buchholz and Karl Mechtler and Anthony A. Hyman and J. G. Peters},
  volume={328 5978},
Chromosome segregation and cell division are essential, highly ordered processes that depend on numerous protein complexes. Results from recent RNA interference screens indicate that the identity and composition of these protein complexes is incompletely understood. Using gene tagging on bacterial artificial chromosomes, protein localization, and tandem-affinity purification-mass spectrometry, the MitoCheck consortium has analyzed about 100 human protein complexes, many of which had not or had… CONTINUE READING
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