Systematic analysis of bulk blue ballpoint pen ink by FTIR spectrometry.

  title={Systematic analysis of bulk blue ballpoint pen ink by FTIR spectrometry.},
  author={Jingchun Wang and Guo-tian Luo and Su-qin Sun and Zheng Wang and Y Wang},
  journal={Journal of forensic sciences},
  volume={46 5},
A classifying method on bulk blue ballpoint pen ink has been studied by Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy. By using this method, a total of 108 blue ink samples have been divided into two groups depending on their main component. Spectral characteristics of these inks such as frequency and absorbance are described by way of artificial intelligence of pattern recognition, and 35 subgroups from the 108 inks are distinguished by their correlation coefficient (lambda). Under heat or… CONTINUE READING
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