Systematic Codebook Designs for Quantized Beamforming in Correlated MIMO Channels

  title={Systematic Codebook Designs for Quantized Beamforming in Correlated MIMO Channels},
  author={Vasanthan Raghavan and Robert W. Heath and Akbar M. Sayeed},
  journal={IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications},
The full diversity gain provided by a multi-antenna channel can be achieved by transmit beamforming and receive combining. This requires the knowledge of channel state information (CSI) at the transmitter which is difficult to obtain in practice. Quantized beamforming where fixed codebooks known at both the transmitter and the receiver are used to quantize the CSI has been proposed to solve this problem. Most recent works focus attention on limited feedback codebook design for the uncorrelated… CONTINUE READING
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