System to decrease length of stay for vascular surgery.

  title={System to decrease length of stay for vascular surgery.},
  author={Taylor Reed and Frank Junior Veith and Nicholas J Gargiulo and Carlos H. Timaran and Takao Ohki and Evan C. Lipsitz and Mahmoud B Malas and Reese A Wain and William D. Suggs},
  journal={Journal of vascular surgery},
  volume={39 2},
OBJECTIVES Reduction of length of stay (LOS) is critical for optimal use of hospital resources. We developed and evaluated a system to aggressively reduce LOS for vascular surgery. METHOD Key to this system, which we introduced on January 1, 2001, was appointment of a LOS officer, who communicated daily during hospitalization with patients and families about discharge planning, organized outpatient services for wound care and rehabilitation to transition patients quickly to nonhospital care… CONTINUE READING
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