System-size dependence of strangeness production in nucleus-nucleus collisions at squareroot[sNN]=17.3 GeV.

  title={System-size dependence of strangeness production in nucleus-nucleus collisions at squareroot[sNN]=17.3 GeV.},
  author={C. Alt and T. Anti{\vc}i{\'c} and B. Baatar and D. Barna and J. Bartke and L. Betev and H. Białkowska and A. Billmeier and C. Blume and B. Boimska and M. Botje and J. Bracin{\'i}k and R. Bramm and R. Brun and P. Buncic and V. Cern{\'y} and P. Christakoglou and O. Chv{\'a}la and J. Cramer and P. Csat{\'o} and N. Darmenov and A. Dimitrov and P. Dinkelaker and V. Eckardt and G. Farantatos and D. Flierl and Z. Fodor and P. Foka and P. Freund and V. Friese and J. G{\'a}l and M. Gaździcki and G. Georgopoulos and E. Gładysz and K. Grebieszkow and S. Hegyi and C. H{\"o}hne and K. Kadija and A. Karev and M. Kliemant and S. Kniege and V. Kolesnikov and T. Kollegger and E. Kornaś and R. Korus and M. Kowalski and I. Kraus and M. Kreps and M. van Leeuwen and P. L{\'e}vai and L. Litov and B. Lungwitz and M. Makariev and A. Malakhov and C. Markert and M. Mateev and B. Mayes and G. Melkumov and C. Meurer and A. Mischke and M. Mitrovski and J. Moln{\'a}r and S. Mr{\'o}wczyński and G. Palla and A. Panagiotou and D. Panayotov and A. Petridis and M. Pikna and L. Pinsky and F. P{\"u}hlhofer and J. Reid and R. Renfordt and A. Richard and C. Roland and G. Roland and M. Rybczynski and A. Rybicki and A. Sandoval and H. Sann and N. Schmitz and P. Seyboth and F. Sikler and B. Sitar and E. Skrzypczak and G. Stefanek and R. Stock and H. Str{\"o}bele and T. Susa and I. Szentp{\'e}tery and J. Sziklai and T. Trainor and V. Trubnikov and D. Varga and M. Vassiliou and G. Veres and G. Vesztergombi and D. Vrani{\'c} and A. Wetzler and Z. Wlodarczyk and I. Yoo and J. Zaranek and J. Zimanyi},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={94 5},
Emission of pi+/-, K+/-, phi, and Lambda was measured in near-central C+C and Si+Si collisions at 158 AGeV beam energy. Together with earlier data for p+p, S+S, and Pb+Pb, the system-size dependence of relative strangeness production in nucleus-nucleus collisions is obtained. Its fast rise and the saturation observed at about 60 participating nucleons can be understood as the onset of the formation of coherent systems of increasing size. 

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