System-on-chip field-programmable gate array design for onboard real-time hyperspectral unmixing

  title={System-on-chip field-programmable gate array design for onboard real-time hyperspectral unmixing},
  author={Jos{\'e} M. P. Nascimento and M{\'a}rio P. V{\'e}stias},
  journal={Journal of Applied Remote Sensing},
Hyperspectral instruments have been incorporated in satellite missions, providing large amounts of data of high spectral resolution of the Earth surface. This data can be used in remote sensing applications that often require a real-time or near-real-time response. To avoid delays between hyperspectral image acquisition and its interpretation, the last usually done on a ground station, onboard systems have emerged to process data, reducing the volume of information to transfer from the… CONTINUE READING

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