System modeling and optimization of microgrid using genetic algorithm


Microgrid has caused increasing attention for its high efficiency and low emissions. In this article a microgrid including a wind turbine, pv array and a CHP system consisting of fuel cells and a microturbine is studied and then the modeling of various DERs is conducted and the objective functions and constraints are developed. In the end the generic algorithm is employed to solved the optimal model and an operation scheme is achieved while meeting various constraints on the basis of tariff details, equipment performance, weather conditions and forecasts, load details and forecasts and other necessary information and then the economic costs and environmental impacts are analyzed and a conclusion that the multi-objective model can achieve high environmental benefits and spend as low operation cost as possible.

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@article{Deng2011SystemMA, title={System modeling and optimization of microgrid using genetic algorithm}, author={Qijun Deng and Xing Gao and Hong Zhou and Wenshan Hu}, journal={2011 2nd International Conference on Intelligent Control and Information Processing}, year={2011}, volume={1}, pages={540-544} }