System-level identification of transcriptional circuits underlying mammalian circadian clocks

  title={System-level identification of transcriptional circuits underlying mammalian circadian clocks},
  author={Hiroki R Ueda and Satoko Hayashi and Wenbin Chen and Motoaki Sano and Masayuki Machida and Yasufumi Shigeyoshi and Masamitsu Iino and Seiichi Hashimoto},
  journal={Nature Genetics},
Mammalian circadian clocks consist of complexly integrated regulatory loops, making it difficult to elucidate them without both the accurate measurement of system dynamics and the comprehensive identification of network circuits. Toward a system-level understanding of this transcriptional circuitry, we identified clock-controlled elements on 16 clock and clock-controlled genes in a comprehensive surveillance of evolutionarily conserved cis elements and measurement of their transcriptional… CONTINUE READING
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