System design and locomotion of SUPERball, an untethered tensegrity robot

  title={System design and locomotion of SUPERball, an untethered tensegrity robot},
  author={A. Sabelhaus and J. Bruce and K. Caluwaerts and Pavlo Manovi and R. Firoozi and Sarah Dobi and A. Agogino and Vytas SunSpiral},
  journal={2015 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA)},
The Spherical Underactuated Planetary Exploration Robot ball (SUPERball) is an ongoing project within NASA Ames Research Center's Intelligent Robotics Group and the Dynamic Tensegrity Robotics Lab (DTRL). The current SUPERball is the first full prototype of this tensegrity robot platform, eventually destined for space exploration missions. This work, building on prior published discussions of individual components, presents the fully-constructed robot. Various design improvements are discussed… Expand
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