System concepts for a series of lunar optical telescopes

  title={System concepts for a series of lunar optical telescopes},
  author={Max E. Nein and Billy G. Davis and John D. Hilchey},
The Lunar Telescope Working Group of the Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC), NASA, has conducted conceptual studies of an evolutionary family of UV/optical/IR telescopes to be based on the lunar surface. Included are: (1) the 16-m aperture Large Lunar Telescope (LLT); (2) the 4-m aperture precursor Lunar Cluster Telescope Experiment (LCTE); and (3) the 2-m Lunar Transit Telescope (LTT) proposed by John McGraw of the Steward Observatory (Angel, 1989; Bely, Burrows, and Illingworth, 1989; Mumma… CONTINUE READING

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