System Modeling and Design of Smart for ATM

  title={System Modeling and Design of Smart for ATM},
  author={Madhu Sharma and Vijay Singh Rathore and Cmaune Sharma},
  journal={Banking \& Insurance eJournal},
In today’s continuously changing world of technology, the upgradation of gadgets and systems is an in-parallel activity with these changes. In this series of technological updates, the availability of ATM as a part of Online banking activity support is not novice, but in use since a decade back. Since most of the technological advancements have two facets, ATM too provides convenience but on the other hand increases the security risk. The objective of the paper is to depict the Framework Design… 



A Framework for Safe Mode Alarm Reporting Technique (SMART) in ATMs

An innovative approach to handle the safety and security of customer through modifications in software and physical security system of the ATM, in such duress cash withdrawal has been proposed to safeguard customer's life risk and restrict the financial loss of customer as well as bank associated with ATM.

A review on security and reporting mechanisms for coerced cash withdrawal from ATM

The existing security mechanisms for a duress or coerced cash withdrawal from ATM are reviewed along with a brief discussion on various types of logical or physical attacks on ATM’s security system.

Automated Teller Machines Usage in India: Emerging Challenges

This research work identifies the common ATM frauds, security threat and maintenance cost problems and proper security recommendation that should be adhered to by both the banks as financial institutions and the ATM users in order to eliminate or reduce it to the barest minimum.

Fingerprints in Automated Teller Machine-A Survey

An overview of the possible fraudulent activities that may be perpetrated against ATMs is provided and recommended approaches to prevent these types of frauds are investigated.

SEG framework to introduce a sound wave oriented source for wireless recharging of devices

A framework for Sound Electro Generator (SEG) has been introduced to support the recharging of devices through sound waves is proposed and an investigative study on sound waves has shown the way to the foundation of a new energy source for wireless charging of small or handheld devices or gadgets.

Fusion of Iris and Fingerprint Biometric Identifier for ATM Services: An Investigative Study

A multimodal biometric system is intertwined with the ATM for individual validation to ease the security level and an implanted unique mark and iris combined biometric validation plan for robotized teller machine (ATM) managing an account framework is proposed in this paper.

A short review of nanoelectronic architectures

In nanoelectronics the search for a successor to CMOS technology has so far mainly been concentrated on nanodevices that could eventually be made much smaller than CMOS transistors, perhaps even

An Analysis of the Technology Acceptance Model in Understanding University Students' Behavioral Intention to Use e-Learning

E-learning selfefficacy was the most important construct, followed by subjective norm in explicating the causal process in the model, and proved TAM to be a good theoretical tool to understand users’ acceptance of e-learning.