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System Level Simulation of Scheduling Schemes for C-V2X Mode-3

  title={System Level Simulation of Scheduling Schemes for C-V2X Mode-3},
  author={Luis F. Abanto-Leon and Arie G. C. Koppelaar and Chetan Belagal Math and Sonia M. Heemstra de Groot},
  journal={arXiv: Signal Processing},
The 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) introduced Cellular Vehicle--to--Everything (C-V2X) as a novel technology to support sidelink vehicular communications. While a distributed scheduling approach has been proposed by 3GPP for the out--of--coverage scenario, i.e. C-V2X \textit{mode-4}, there is no standardized scheme for centralized systems in C-V2X \textit{mode-3}. In this paper, we propose two scheduling approaches for C-V2X \textit{mode-3}. One of them is based on the minimization… 
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Resource Allocation for Cellular V2X Networks Mode-3 With Underlay Approach in LTE-V Standard
This paper proposes a novel scheme for the BS to jointly allocate resources, such as power and sub-carriers, to cellular and vehicular users, while minimizing the number of non-allowed vehicular links, considering high data rate requirements for cellular users and high reliability requirements for Vehicular users.


Subchannel allocation for vehicle-to-vehicle broadcast communications in mode-3
Four types of conditions that are of forceful character for attaining QoS-aware conflict-free allocations have been identified and a surrogate relaxation of the problem is proposed that does not affect optimality provided that certain requisites are satisfied.
Graph-based resource allocation with conflict avoidance for V2V broadcast communications
This research has envisaged a solution based on a bipartite graph, where vehicles and spectrum resources are represented by vertices whereas the edges represent the achievable rate in each resource based on the signal-to-interference-plus-noise ratio (SINR) that vehicles perceive.
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