System Identification of UAV Based on EWC-LMS

  title={System Identification of UAV Based on EWC-LMS},
  author={Zijing Zhou and Jinchun Hu and Shiqian Liu and Badong Chen},
  journal={The Proceedings of the Multiconference on "Computational Engineering in Systems Applications"},
Mean-squared error (MES) can at best provide biased solution in the presence of additive disturbances (both correlated and white) on the input and the output signals. However, in the system identification of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), typically, in the takeoff, the UAV suffers serious disturbance e.g. wind gusts, turbulence, ground influence and sampling noise. For EWC, we can get the unbiased parameter estimation in white noise, and the system identification in this paper prove the noise… CONTINUE READING