System Dynamics and the Lessons of 35 Years

  title={System Dynamics and the Lessons of 35 Years},
  author={Jay W. Forrester},
The professional field known as system dynamics has been developing for the last 35 years and now has a world-wide and growing membership. System dynamics combines the theory, methods, and philosophy needed to analyze the behavior of systems in not only management, but also in environmental change, politics, economic behavior, medicine, engineering, and other fields. System dynamics provides a common foundation that can be applied wherever we want to understand and influence how things change… 

System Dynamics in the Evolution of the Systems Approach

  • M. Schwaninger
  • Geology
    Encyclopedia of Complexity and Systems Science
  • 2009
This paper discusses the evolution of the Systems Approach in General and System Dynamics in Particular Bibliography, and some of the milestones in that evolution are highlighted.

System Dynamics and the Evolution of the Systems Movement

The purpose of this contribution is to give an overview of the role of System Dynamics (SD) in the context of the evolution of the systems movement. This is necessary because SD is often erroneously

Usefulness of Probabilistic System Dynamics in Dynamic Decision Making

The theory of systems thinking has provided tools and techniques for better understanding of complex systems and one such technique is “system dynamics” (SD) that was developed at the MIT by J. W. Forrester.

Using System Dynamics to Model and Better Understand State Stability

The world can be complex and dangerous - the loss of state stability of countries is of increasing concern. Although every case is unique, there are important common processes. We have developed a

Analytical Methods for Structural Dominance Analysis in System Dynamics

The link between system structure and dynamic behavior is one of the defining elements in the system dynamics paradigm, yet it is only recently that systematic, mathematically rigorous methods for

Systems Theory, System Dynamics and Their Contribution to CTSC Risk Management

Feedback, Feedback loop, Causal graph and Delay are introduced as significant notions of system dynamics, which are essential to go on to the next chapter of systems theory, system dynamics and STAMP.

Can system dynamics be theoretically improved, and if so, does it matter practically?

System dynamics can be considered to be one of the great inventions in the study of societal systems. System dynamics represents a major break with the customary and still dominant approach to such

Parameter estimation and equation formulation in Business Dynamics

System Dynamics enables modelling and simulation of highly non-linear feedback systems to predict future system behaviour. Parameter estimation and equation formulation are techniques in System

The Language of Systems Thinking for Control Systems

We are about to begin a wonderful trip in the world of control systems, which are all around us. We are not used to seeing them, but their presence is indispensable for the existence of the world and

Analytical and Computational Methods for Analyzing Feedback Structure in System Dynamics Models

An analytical approach is developed, and it is suggested that both eigenvalue and eigenvector could provide an overall assessment of a structural change over the behaviour of interest, and a new loop deactivation method is proposed which enables the behavioural method to operate even when no unique edge exists in a candidate loop.



Managerial Applications of System Dynamics

(Now available from Productivity Press, Cambridge, Mass.)Useful as both a text and a working resource, this volume contains 36 chapters (and 4 appendixes) illustrating the application of system

A behavioral model of the economic long wave

World dynamics

World Dynamics shows the opportunity for bringing the world of man into equilibrium with the forces of his environment while there still remains time and maneuvering room for growth and expansion to give way to equilibrium.

Introduction to System Dynamics Modeling with DYNAMO

(1997). Introduction to System Dynamics Modeling with DYNAMO. Journal of the Operational Research Society: Vol. 48, No. 11, pp. 1146-1146.

Information Sources for Modeling the National Economy

Abstract In modeling economic behavior all kinds of information should be used, not merely numerical data. Rich stores of information about economic structure and governing policies are available

Common foundations underlying engineering and management

Because many of the engineer's chief problems have their origin in the management system, perhaps his philosophy should be applied to the management interface that couples engineering to the needs of


Learning is now widely accepted as the currency of survival in an era of constant change. Many businesses, however, are struggling to learn how to learn. The cultural and structural issues they need

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SummaryIn this paper a review is given of the theory of the long wave or Kondratieff cycle. Five different categories of explanations are discussed, of which the most important ones are Schumpeter's

Feedback Thought in Social Science and Systems Theory

This is a study of a method of thinking in the social sciences known as the loop concept. This concept underlies the notions of feedback and circular causality. After tracing its historical roots,

Introduction to Computer Simulation—A System Dynamics Modeling Approach

recipient of the Forrester Award for best-published work in system dynamics 1978-1983.