Syringe liposculpture: A two-year experience

  title={Syringe liposculpture: A two-year experience},
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  • L. Toledo
  • Published 2005
  • Medicine
  • Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
Syringe liposcupture is a method that combines two relatively new techniques of plastic surgery: syringe liposuction and fat grafting. We can reshape the face and the body by removing localized fat deposits and reinjecting this fat where needed. When we do not reinject, we call the technique reduction liposculpture. In 1989 we introduced a new technique—superficial syringe liposculpture—to treat patients with flaccid skin, superficial irregularities or depressions, “cellulite”, and liposuction… 
Principles of Liposuction
Liposuction is an outstanding technique created, described, and popularized by Yves Gerard Illouz, which brings many advantages for the treatment of localized fat deposits and a very high rate of satisfaction to patients.
Refinements in Liposculpture of the Buttocks and Thighs
The author discusses his experience with the variety of methods in liposuction, the technique of syringe liposculpture, anesthesia, the use of the cannula, and liposculpture of the buttocks and
Tumescent and syringe liposculpture: A logical partnership
Each method complements the other, allowing liposuction to be performed with considerable advantage over traditional methods, including eliminating the need for general anesthesia, lessening blood loss and postoperative bruising, greater accuracy, precision, and overall high patient satisfaction.
The Principles and Techniques of Liposuction
With such a range of techniques, technologies and recent advances, this chapter briefly reviews some of the pertinent scientific evidence.
Correction of deep gluteal depression by autologous fat grafting
This method corrects the deep gluteal depression and yields an improved aesthetic contour in patients who underwent lipoplasty of the iliac crest and lateral femoral sites.
Fat injection: a 20-year revision.
Facial Augmentation with Autologous Fat
The minimally invasive technique using autologous fat transplantation has become a standard procedure in facial rejuvenation and the use of albumin during harvesting and transfer phases will facilitate graft retention.
Liposuction: a review of principles and techniques.
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Facial Rejuvenation with Stem Cell Fat Graft: The FAMI™ Procedure
The FAMI™ technique described herein specifically targets tissue planes and the individual muscles of facial expression to engraft adipose tissue and the mesenchymal cells within lipoaspirates to enhance graft survival, predictability, and symmetry.
Fat grafting of the buttocks and lower limbs
A low rate of complications (less than 3%) supports the authors' opinion that this is an efficient and safe procedure to correct or enhance contour deformities of the lower limbs.


Experience of injected fat grafting
Eighteen months' experience with the injected fat grafting technique used in 208 patients to correct various problems such as buttocks, trochanteric depressions, breast augmentation, scar depression, thighs and legs, small wrinkles and depressions of the face.
Body sculpturing by lipoplasty
The beauty of the silhouette historical background, the fundamental principles, materials and methods adipsuction alone combined procedures, extensions to plastic surgery extensions of the technique perspectives.
Liposuction surgery under local anesthesia: limited blood loss and minimal lidocaine absorption.
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A large volume of lidocaine with epinephrine can be administered in dilute concentrations into the subcutaneous space, resulting in minimal blood lidocaine levels. This allows large-volume,
Sodium bicarbonate attenuates pain on skin infiltration with lidocaine, with or without epinephrine.
Commercial preparations of local anesthetics are prepared as acidic solutions of the salts to promote solubility and stabilise the local anesthetic solution.
Superficial syringe liposculpture for the treatment of "cellulite" and liposuction sequaelae
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