[Syphilitic mesaortitis].


A rise in the incidence of latent and late forms of neuro- and visceral syphilis significantly complicates diagnostics of the disease in patients admitted to emergency medicine clinics. Syphilis is believed to be a cause of roughly 0.5% of all cardiopathies. Late syphilitic lesions of the cardiovascular system (cardiovascular syphilis) occur in 0.25-0.96… (More)


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@article{Simonenko2012SyphiliticM, title={[Syphilitic mesaortitis].}, author={Vera Simonenko and Alexandr V Popov and N I Siuch and O V Magaryshkina and Paul Dulin}, journal={Klinicheskaia meditsina}, year={2012}, volume={90 1}, pages={77-9} }